The Journey to Innovation Leadership

Your organization is being challenged – internally and externally. While your markets continue their own rapid pace of change, your relevance and resilience in those markets is increasingly being called into question. The day has arrived for your organization to think differently about what it does. The day has arrived for it to embrace a mandate for innovation.

The question ultimately becomes one of will you – as a leader in your organization – respond accordingly. Will you rise to the occasion by embracing innovation… embracing the power it holds to transform your organization into a powerhouse capable of delivering impactful new innovations to your market… innovations that represent meaningful new value and experiences for your customers? For those who answer “Yes!”, they begin a new journey – one that will take them deep into the future. But how do leaders begin this journey? Where do they turn for the skills and insights they need to move in the right direction?


LEAD-LOGO-IBCTheir journey begins at the LEAD Innovation Bootcamp!

The LEAD Innovation Bootcamp is quite possibly the most course-changing innovation event you will ever attend. Moving beyond the platitudes of creativity and individual genius, this is a hands-on participatory workshop in which you will not only learn, but experience first-hand, how to think strategically about innovation as your platform for driving highly-differentiated value and experiences for today’s customers and tomorrow’s markets.

The LEAD Innovation Bootcamp will give you the skills and insights you need to begin this journey and to stay the course.

Event Objective

The objective of the LEAD Innovation Bootcamp is to give business leaders a clear understanding of the power of innovation, the potential it holds for transforming companies and markets, and how they can harness innovation and its methods strategically to deliver powerful new value and experiences for their customers.


Event Outcomes

As a result of participating in this Innovation Bootcamp, you will develop numerous insights and skills that allow you to drive innovation strategically within your enterprise, advancing its relevance and resilience through highly differentiated customer experiences that drive market leadership.


Event Methods

1. The GR5 Growth Strategy Roadmap™
2. The Breakthrough Business Innovation Model™
3. The Legacy Innovation Business Model Canvas
4. The Legacy Innovation Customer Experience Design Process
5. Design Thinking

Who Should Attend?

This event is designed for executive and management leaders in any type of organization, including government agencies, B2B businesses, B2C businesses, and educational providers.  Whether you offer products, services, or both, the insights gained will empower you to raise the bar on how your organization delivers innovation.

. Leadership & Management
. Strategic Planning
. Corporate Development
. Strategic Marketing
. New Products & Services
. Design & Experience
. Process & Manufacturing
. Government & Political
. Green & Sustainability
. Environment & Space Design
. Learning & Development
. Communication
. Selling & Sales

Event Duration

The LEAD Innovation Bootcamp is a three-day, intensive participatory experience spanning the morning, afternoon, and evening of all three days.


Those who successfully pass the certification exam associated with the LEAD Innovation Bootcamp will be recognized as a Certified Innovation Strategist.

Event Outline
Each day of the LEAD Innovation Bootcamp focuses on a different aspect of strategic innovation and how to leverage key methods to drive major impacts for your business and its markets.

• Day 1 focuses on embracing innovation and developing an innovation strategy relevant to your enterprise’s core needs.
• Day 2 focuses on how to deliver innovation successfully through new business models and differentiated customer experiences.
• Day 3 focuses on how to promote the best new opportunities and ideas for your business’ future for implementation.

• Day 1 Welcome & Introduction
• Setting the Framework – Relevance, Resilience, Renewal, and Reinvention
• Icebreaker Exercise on Relevance
• Introduction to the Bootcamp Pitch Competition
• Understanding Innovation – What Innovation is Really About, Why It Matters, and Why We Pursue It
• Examples for the Bootcamp Pitch Competition
• Introduction to Innovation Strategy
• Exercise on Recognizing Innovation Strategies
• Finding Our Hunting Grounds – The Search for New Opportunity
• Exercise on Market Trends and Customer Obstacles
• On Being Discovery-Driven
• Design Thinking for Problem Reframing
• Exercise on Hypotheses, Imagination, and Reframing Problems
• Wrap Up

• Day 2 Welcome
• Design Thinking for Solution Finding
• Innovation Warm Up
• Exercise on Brainstorming, Creativity, and Solution Finding
• Introduction to Business Model Innovation
• Exercise on Business Model Innovation
• Introduction to Customer Experience (CX)
• Exercise on Customer Experience
• Designing the Customer Experience to Deliver New Innovation
• Exercise on Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CXJM)
• The Strategic Innovation Vehicles – Tools for Driving the Innovation Portfolio
• Exercise on Strategic Innovation Vehicles and Open Innovation
• Wrap Up

• Day 3 Welcome
• Building the Business Plan
• Exercise on Business Plan Development
• Business Plan Pitching Practice
• Preparation for the Bootcamp Pitch Competition
• The Bootcamp Pitch Competition & Judging
• Judge Deliberations
• Winner Announcements & Bootcamp Awards
• Wrap Up & Concluding Remarks
• Extended Networking Session